Rudy Gevaert

I’m Rudy Gevaert. I offer IT consultancy in the following topics:

  • ICT for Development
  • GNU/Linux system administration
  • Implementing devops methods in constrained environments

You can download my CV here.

ICT for development

I’ve have lead several ICT for Development projects since 2006 in East Africa and Cuba.

http://www.ju.edu.et in Ethiopia has been using my expertise since 2007. Together we built the ICT development office at the Jimma University. We made Jimma University the leading university when it comes to ICT implementation. Some of the projects we did together:

  • implementation of central email system
  • set up of bandwidth management and optimization system to enable fast internet access
  • grow the ICT office from 4 people to over trained 100 professionals
  • project management for the implementation of VOIP with Asterisk at the university
  • implement Puppet to manage their GNU/Linux computer labs
  • set up smart class rooms powered with Samba file servers
  • implement OpenLDAP
  • set up a two month staff exchange between Jimma University and UCLV
  • introduce modern system administration techniques

Since the start of the project I visited Ethiopia several times per year in order to complete the projects. As part of the projects a staff exchange was established between Ghent University and Jimma University.

In Cuba I have been working together with the Universidad “Marta Abreu” de Las Villas since 2009. Together we increased the knowledge of the central ICT office. Some projects we did

  • professionalize their ICT office
  • implement a state of the art data center
  • implement a high performance computer for scientific research
  • implement Samba4 as replacement for Active Directory
  • migrate MS Exchange mail system to Horde and Dovecot
  • set up a two month staff exchange between Jimma University and UCLV
  • introduce modern system administration techniques

Next to the above partnerships I gave several workshops in Kenya and Tanzania

System administration

I’ve been using GNU/Linux since 2000. My expertise lies in the management of heterogeneous environments with Puppet. I have experience with most of the tools Free Software tools you would see in a corporate environment.

Implementing devops

I’ve been involved in the devops movement since the beginning. I participated in the very first devopsdays and have co-organized several devopsdays (Five year anniversary 2014 in Ghent, Ghent 2016, devopsdays Cuba in 2016 and 2017)

I can offer consultancy in implementing devops in your environment going from tool selection, implementation to guiding organizational change.

Here you can see me with Patrick Debois (godfather of devops) illustrating the typical separation of developers and ops: